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Interview and Concert with David Bromberg.

Blues and bluegrass musician David Bromberg worked as a side member in many jazz and folk bands before striking out as a solo act. Bromberg is a multi-instrumentalist, who focuses on the guitar. He joins the show to discuss his career and play live. (Interview by Bob Carlin )


Performance by Winnie Winston.

Banjo and pedal steel guitar player Winnie Winston will perform several pieces. A four-time world champion on the banjo at the country's top bluegrass competition, the Union Grove Old Time Fiddler's Convention in North Carolina, Winston has played with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, Dave Bromberg and the late Steve Goodman.


Musician and Composer Mark Knopfler.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Mark Knopfler (NOFFler). He's the guiding force behind the British band, Dire Straits. He's recently joined an informal group of musicians, The Notting Hillbillies. Their new album, "Missing...Presumed Having a Good Time," blends rock 'n' roll, blues, gospel, jazz-boogie and country & western. Knopfler has also written soundtracks for "Local Hero," "Cal," "Comfort and Joy," and "The Princess Bride."


Banjo Player Tony Trischka.

Banjo player Tony Trischka. He's been called the "premier banjo madman of our time." Trischka incorporates jazz and rock and roll into his style, with bluegrass at the heart of his music. TTrischka's new album, "World Turning" (Rounder Records), is a "loose history of the banjo" with everything from an African banjo tune to banjo Dixieland style. He has a number of albums out on the Rounder label.

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