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Two Bluegrass Truths From James King And Alan Jackson

On Three Chords and the Truth, bluegrass musician James King picks from the canon of country music to rearrange its songs as bluegrass. On The Bluegrass Album, country star Alan Jackson has recorded his first collection of bluegrass music — some classics, some originals.


Ricky Skaggs: A 'Mosaic' Of Modesty, Openness

Skaggs became a mainstream country music star in the 1980s, but in recent years, he's become more interested in performing in a traditional bluegrass style. Ken Tucker says the tracks on Skaggs' album Mosaic "don't just fit together -- they lock into place with a firmness."


Modern Musicians Pay Tribute to the Founder of Bluegrass.

Rick critic Ken Tucker reviews “Big Mon,” a new tribute album to Bill Monroe. It was produced by Ricky Scaggs for his own label and includes many big names, such as Dolly Parton, Bruce Hornsby and Joan Osborne. (Skaggs Family Records)


A Deeply Satisfying Experiment.

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the new CD "The Mountain" (E-Squared) by Steve Earle which pays tribute to bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe.


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