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Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: The Fresh Air Interview.

Welch and Rawlings perform an in-studio concert featuring several songs from The Harrow and the Harvest, and talk about many of the lyrics they've written over the years.

This week on Fresh Air, we're marking the year's end by revisiting some of the most memorable conversations we've had in 2011. This interview was originally broadcast on July 18, 2011.


Ed Helms: In Scranton Or 'Cedar Rapids,' He's Plucky

Ed Helms plays a paper pusher on The Office and an insurance salesman in the new comedy Cedar Rapids — but on Thursday's Fresh Air, he plays the banjo. With his band The Lonesome Trio, he joins Terry Gross for an in-studio performance and a chat about his latest film.


Ricky Skaggs: A Bluegrass Musician Returns To Roots

Skaggs started performing as a child and was considered a musical prodigy. After a string of country hits in the 1980s, he returned to bluegrass, performing folk renditions of his own country hits. In 2003, Skaggs spoke to Fresh Air host Terry Gross about growing up in the music industry and playing with Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs.


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