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'A Distinctive Voice': Tracey Thorn Goes On 'Record'

British singer-songwriter Tracey Thorn writes music that chronicles themes in women's lives that aren't often addressed in pop lyrics. Take, for instance, the single "Babies," off her new solo album Record. The song is meant to be a humorous ode to birth control, but there's also a deeper feeling to it.


Pleasure, "Sex and Destiny"

Writer Germaine Greer is suspicious of both the safety and sexually liberating power of birth control. In her new book, she suggests women look beyond intercourse and seek different social, emotional and physical paths toward sexual pleasure.


Two Obstetrician Gynecologists Debate Abortion Rights

Dr. Jane Hodgson, an abortion rights activist, and Dr. Ed Sullivan, a practicing obstetrician in Media, Pennsylvania, join Fresh Air to discuss their opposing views on abortion. Listeners call in with their questions and comments.


Learning Fertility Awareness

Researchers Katherine Whitlock and Regina Pfeiffer teach women how they can gauge various biological signs to determine when they are most likely to conceive.

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