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You Can't Trust HBO's 'Phil Spector,' But You Can Enjoy It.

David Mamet, the writer and director of the new HBO movie Phil Spector starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren, includes a disclaimer at the beginning of the film: While the movie might be based on the controversial music producer, "This is a work of fiction. It's not 'based on a true story.'


A Measured Look At Roth As The Writer Turns 80.

The celebration of Philip Roth's career reaches its peak in a new documentary — Philip Roth Unmasked — that will screen on PBS next week as part of the American Masters series. There's no doubt that Roth is a master, and not just an American one, but the film tiptoes around the novelist's dark ferocity.


Actor Liev Schreiber.

Actor Liev Schreiber. The 32-year old's film credits include "The Daytrippers," "A Walk on the Moon," and the "Scream" movies. He's currently starring in New York in the Public Theatre's new production of "Hamlet." And he plays Orson Welles in the HBO drama "RKO 281" about the clash between Welles and William Randolph Hearst over the making of Welles's masterpiece, "Citizen Kane." It premiered last night.


Cable Saves Summer.

TV Critic David Bianculli reviews two shows appearing on cable tv this weekend. "George Wallace" on TNT and "Snow White" which stars Sigourney Weaver on Showtime.


The Best and Worst of TV This Season

TV critic David Bianculli reviews the season premiere of "NYPD Blue," which he says continues to be good. On the other hand, he can't stomach "Roseanne: An Unauthorized Biography."


Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel.

TV critic David Bianculli previews "Marilyn and Bobby: Her Final Affair," a USA cable network telemovie airing tonight. Bianculli says the show mixes fact and fiction while telling the story of the alleged romance between Marilyn Monroe and Robert F. Kennedy.


"Dreamer of Oz" Is Inspired and Inspiring

Television critic David Bianculli says the TV biopic about Frank Baum, the man who created "The Wizard of Oz," could have fallen flat with it's well-known, unsurprising story. But it succeeds with excellent performances and visual storytelling.


Actress Barbara Hershey.

Actress Barbara Hershey. Hershey's had a long career in Hollywood, from films such as "Boxcar Bertha" in the 60s to "Hannah and Her Sisters," and "The Last Temptation of Christ." Next week, she stars in a made for T-V movie called "A Killing in a Small Town." It's based on the true-list story of a Texas woman who brutally murders her friend.

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