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Earl Hines: Big Bands And Beyond On A New Box Set

Mosaic Records has released Classic Earl Hines Sessions 1928-1945. a seven-disc showcase for the jazz pianist and bandleader. Hines' right hand played lines in bright, clear octaves -- and his left hand had a mind of its own.


Joost Buis And Astronotes: Controlled Anarchy

Joost Buis' tunes are clean and true, and still let weird details nibble at the edges on Zooming. That sort of despoiling playfulness typifies a lot of Hollands improvised music: Just because you're serious doesn't mean you have to be serious all the time.


Pre-MTV: 'Big Band, Jazz And Swing' Music Videos

In addition to newsreels, cartoon and coming attractions, movie studios used to show musical shorts before feature films. Warner Brothers has just released a six-DVD set of these shorts called Big Bands, Jazz and Swing. Classical musical critic Lloyd Schwartz says the new set is wroth checking out.


Big Bands from Boston Bring the Music into the 1990s.

Used to be that big bands were the thing. Now, they're pretty much a thing of the past. But jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says he's found a couple of big bands from Boston where teachers and students are drawn to schools like the New England Conservatory and the Berklee College of Music. He reviews "Orange Then Blue," by Funkallero, and "After Blue," by the Ken Schaphorst Big Band.


A Jazz Critic's Guilty Pleasures

Kevin Whitehead doesn't like to admit liking new anthologies by Lester Lanin, whom he calls the king of blandness, and "crass and lowbrow" singer Jerry Lewis.

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