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Sportswriter Roger Angell

A new collection of the journalist's columns, originally published in his New Yorker column "The Sporting Scene," is called Late Innings. Angell talks about how professional baseball has shifted in recent years toward a greater emphasis on entertainment.


Sportscaster Red Barber

The baseball radio broadcaster began his career in the 1940s. He was informed in advance of Jackie Robinson's recruitment by the Brooklyn Dodgers. Initially against baseball's desegregation, Barber grew to admire and support Robinson.


In Search of "The End of Baseball"

Writer John Krich is working on a book about baseball in Latin America. He is particularly interested in the sport's cultural role in countries dealing with armed conflicts and political upheavals.


"Triple Threat" John Sayles.

Film director and actor John Sayles. His films include "The Return of the Secaucus Seven," "Baby It's You" and "Brother From Another Planet." His new film is "Matewan," about a coal miner's strike in West Virginia.


Essays to Tide You Over Until Baseball Season.

Book critic John Leonard reviews baseball writer Roger Angell's latest collection of essays, Season Ticket. The essays, which previously appeared in The New Yorker magazine, cover the five seasons of play between 1981 and 1986.


Roger Angell's "Season Ticket."

Baseball writer Roger Angell. His new book, Season Ticket: A Baseball Companion, is a compilation of essays published in The New Yorker magazine over the last five seasons. The essays cover subjects from spring training, Astroturf versus grass and drug abuse. Angell's previous books include The Summer Game, Five Seasons and Late Innings. Angell is the senior fiction editor of The New Yorker.


A Juiceless and Didactic Baseball Movie

Eight Men Out, about a 1919 baseball scandal, is directed by John Sayles. Film critic Stephen Schiff says there are some good performances, but the movie is more of a moralistic argument than a story; it could have used some of the wit Sayles injected into his earlier B-movies.

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