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The State of Airlines, and US Airways

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for US Airways, Christopher Chiames responds to comments made last week on the show by Scott McCartney, who writes about the Airline industry for The Wall Street Journal.


Turbulent Times for Airlines

What's going on with the airline industry? We talk to journalist Scott McCartney, who follows the airline industry and writes the weekly column "The Middle Seat" for The Wall Street Journal.


Edward Wong

Edward Wong covers the aviation industry for The New York Times. Many airlines are in a precarious position: the war, fear of terrorism and a weak economy has left them with fewer travelers, facing cutbacks and bankruptcy. He will discuss the state of the airline industry.


How the RJR Nabisco Buyout and the Fall of Drexel Burnham Lambert Are Changing the Financial Industry and Corporate Culture.

Journalist Bryan Burrough. He co-wrote "Barbarians at the Gate," which chronicles the RJR Nabisco takeover, the largest leveraged buyout in Wall Street history. The deal was financed by Drexel Burnham Lambert, which filed this week for bankruptcy. Burrough and his co-author John Helyar covered the takeover from the beginning as reporters for the Wall Street Journal.

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