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Cloris Leachman, from Actress to Autobiographer

Actress Cloris Leachman, best known as nosy neighbor Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, has penned her autobiography, Cloris, with husband George Englund. Leachman recently competed on Dancing with the Stars, and appears in the new film Inglorious Basterds.


'Circling My Mother,' A Memoir of Love and Pain

Fresh Air's book critic reviews Circling My Mother, the new memoir by novelist Mary Gordon; the book chronicles Anne Gordon's battles with polio, alcoholism, and eventually with senile dementia, and details the author's acceptance of both "the burdens and blessings of caring for her mother in old age."


Writer Bruce Tucker

The ghostwriter for James Brown's autobiography, The Godfather of Soul, Tucker is a contributing editor for The Black Music Research Journal.


Comic Book Author Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar has edited a new volume of comics called The Best American Comics 2006. Pekar began writing comic book stories in 1972. The first collection of Pekar's work was American Splendor. Pekar also wrote the book Our Cancer Year in collaboration with his wife, Joyce Brabner. This interview first aired Nov. 10, 2005.


Edmund White's 'Lives'

Edmund White has been writing about gay culture in fiction and nonfiction since the 1970s. He has a new autobiography, My Lives. White is director of the creative writing program at Princeton University.


Johnny Cash: In His Own Words

The new film Walk the Line is based on the life of legendary musician Johnny Cash. We begin a two-day look at the life of the much-celebrated "Man in Black" with an interview with Cash himself. This interview originally aired on Nov. 4, 1997.


The Childhood of Harvey Pekar, 'The Quitter'

Graphic novelist Harvey Pekar emerged from obscurity in the surprise film hit American Splendor. His new graphic novel, The Quitter, offers details of Pekar's upbringing in 1950s Cleveland.


Jack Coughlin: Life Behind a Long-Range Rifle

Jack Coughlin, a gunnery sergeant in the Marines, is the author of the new book Shooter: The Autobiography of the Top-Ranked Marine Sniper. He grew up in a wealthy Boston suburb and joined the Marines at age 19, spending the next 20 years behind the scope of a long-range rifle as a sniper. He has more than 60 confirmed kills, 38 of which took place during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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