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Arab-Israeli conflict

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Ehud Ya'ari Discusses the Intifada.

Israeli journalist Ehud Ya'ari (A-hood yah-HAR-ee). He's the co-author of "Intifada: The Palestinian Uprising-Israel's Third Front." The book chronicles the events leading up to the Palestinian uprising, and it examines how the Israeli government misread, and misreported, the events surrounding the Intifada. Ehud Ya'ari covers Middle East affairs for Israeli television.


A Christian Palestinian Promotes Non-Violent Resistance

Mubarak Awad grew up in the Occupied Territories; he later became a U.S. citizen, but returned to Palestine to advocate for civil disobedience as the best way to resist Israeli rule and discrimination. He joins Fresh Air to give his perspective on the intifada and Palestinian organizations like PLO, whose violent actions Awat sees as acts of resistance, not terrorism.


Novelist Amos Oz on Israel's Respons to the Gulf War

Oz talks to Terry from his home in Israel about his family's experiences during the recent Iraqi missile attacks, his work as a lecturer with the Israeli army, his views on the Israeli government's response to the crisis, and his feelings about the current war in Iraq.


Why Iraq Is Targeting Israel

Rashid Khalidi, the Associate Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago, talks about the recent bombing of Tel Aviv by Iraq -- an attack intended to force Israel to establish a Palestinian state. Khalid discusses why many Palestinian Arabs have aligned themselves with Saddam Hussein.


The Iraqi Bombing of Tel-Aviv

Journalist Vernon Loeb of the Philadelphia Inquirer gives us a first hand report of the latest missile attack on Israel. Next, editor Michael Lerner of "Tikkun," the leading magazine of American-Jewish intellectuals, discusses the thinking of the liberal Jewish community on the Gulf War.


The Gulf War's Impact on Palestine

Terry talks with Dr. Saeb Erakat, a university professor, about life in the occupied territories during the Gulf War. Moshe Fogel from the Israeli Defense Department responds to his concerns.


Foreign Correspondent Thomas Friedman on the Gulf War

The New York Times reporter has spent the last decade covering the Middle East. In light of the start of the Gulf War, he has two questions -- How will we know when we win? And how will the war affect the peace process between Israel and Palestine? Friedman is the author of the bestselling book From Beirut to Jerusalem.


Imagining a Post-Saddam Iraq

Terry talks again to some of the our guests from earlier in the Gulf coverage. Two interviews in this segment:

Iraq emigre Laith Kubba, the leader of the London based group, "The Conference on Human Rights and Democracy in Iraq." He talks with Terry about planning for democracy in a post-Saddam era.

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