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Apollo 11 (Spacecraft)

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Looking Back on the Apollo Program.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of man's first walk on the moon, commentator Stewart Brand shares his thoughts on space exploration and how it has changed us. Brand is founder of The Whole Earth Catalog.


Watch the 1969 Moon Landing "As It Happened."

Television Critic David Bianculli reviews the Arts and Entertainment Network's tribute to the 20th anniversary of man's walk on the moon. (The anniversary is on July 20th.) This special comes as most all the networks are airing a tribute to the event. But in this instance the program tries to re-create the sensations that accompanied the event by playing back, in real time, the live network transmissions as the story unfolded. Former NBC correspondent Edwin Newman is the host.


The History of the United States's Space Program.

Astronaut Michael Collins. He controlled the Apollo 11 command module that circled the moon while Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on its' surface. Collins has written a history of the space program titled Liftoff.

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