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Anti-apartheid movements

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Donald Woods

We remember newspaper editor and anti-apartheid activist Donald Woods. His relationship with the slain black South African activist Steve Biko was dramatized in the 1987 film, Cry Freedom. He died yesterday in England, where he had lived for over 20 years. Well listen back to a 1987 interview.


From the Archives: Anti-Apartheid Activists.

South African playwright Athol Fugard. He still makes his home in South Africa, though he writes plays which confront the apartheid system; his plays were the among the first to bring white and black actors on stage together. Perhaps his most well known play was "Master Harold and the Boys"; his latest work was 1993's "Playland." (Rebroadcast of 02/18/1986)


From the Archives: Memoirs of Speaking Against Apartheid.

White South African writer Rian Malan. Malan is an Afrikaner, descendent of a family that settled in South Africa over three hundred years ago, and Malan's great-uncle was the chief architect of the Apartheid system. Malan only realized the horror of Apartheid after he became a crime reporter for a Johannesburg paper. What he learned led him to leave South Africa, and spend the next eight years in exile.


Journalist Allister Sparks Discusses South Africa's Secret Negotiations with Nelson Mandela.

Journalist and author Allister Sparks. Sparks is a fifth- generation South African. He heads the Johannesburg Institute for the Advancement of Journalism. In 1990, he published his historical study of South Africa called "The Mind of South Africa" (Knopf). His recent piece in "The New Yorker," called "The Secret Revolution" (April 11, 1994, p.56), reveals the little known, behind the scenes drama that started unfolding within South Africa almost 10 years ago.


A White South African's Fight Against Apartheid

Janet Levine is a white, liberal South African woman and anti-apartheid activist. She later resigned from public office and exiled herself in the United States; she believed that whites' unavoidable complicity with racist policies undermined the efforts of black activists. Her memoir new memoir is called Inside Apartheid.


Danny Glover on Playing Nelson Mandela.

Actor Danny Glover. He stared with Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon," and appeared in "Places in the Heart" and "The Color Purple." He stared over the summer in the Broadway presentation of Athol Fugard's "Master Harold and the Boys." He can been seen on television this Sunday night in "Mandela," an HBO presentation.


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