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Temple Grandin: The Woman Who Talks to Animals.

Temple Grandin is one of the world's greatest animal behaviorists. She is also autistic — and has put that to work for her. Grandin has written several books on animals, including Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior. This weekend, HBO will premiere a made-for-TV movie based on her life.


How Autism Can Help Us Understand Animals

Animal-behavior specialist Temple Grandin explains how her personal experiences with autism have in some ways enhanced her work — and shed new light on the way in which we communicate with animals.


Temple Grandin On 'The Best Life For Animals'

In her new book, Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin examines common notions of animal happiness and concludes that dogs, cats, horses, cows and zoo animals — among other creatures — possess an emotional system akin to that of humans.


What Humans Can Learn from Animal Behavior

Biologist William Jordan has a new book of essays that contemplates the similarities between the animal and human mind by looking at behavior. It's called "Divorce Among The Gulls: An Uncommon Look at Human Nature.


The Secret Lives of Pets

Alan Beck studies the relationship between pets and their owners. His early research of animal behavior included a study of stray dogs in Baltimore. Beck says that medical experts should take into consideration the benefits of pet ownership when evaluating an individual's health.


The Secret Lives of Pets.

Alan Beck, a leading authority on the relationships between pets and their owners. Beck is the director of the Center for Interaction of Animals and Society at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)

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