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Grace Paley, Short Story Writer.

Grace Paley is a short story writer who has had several volumes of her work published. Paley is also known as a feminist and peace activist. She is in Philadelphia to guest lecture at Temple University. She joins the show to discuss her work.


Atwood on Women and Literature.

Margaret Atwood is a novelist and poet whose female protagonists have attracted women readers. Atwood considers herself a feminist writer and joins the show to discuss her life, career, and the women's movement. Her latest work is a collection of short stories titled "Dancing Girls."


Short Story Master Grace Paley.

Writer Grace Paley is a master of the short story form. Paley's work is interested in the stories of women, and Paley has been involved in the peace and feminist movements. Paley's latest collection is "Later the Same Day."


A Slave to the Chaos of New York

Tama Janowitz's newest book is a collection of short stories about the New York arts scene. She talks about the challenges and allure of living in the city, and what it's like to be accepted by a creative community of which she never felt a part.


Jane Smiley on "The Age of Grief."

Writer Jane Smiley. Her newest work, a combination of novella and short story, probes the disappointments and loss of middle age. It is titled The Age of Grief.


Novelist and Science Journalist David Quammen.

Fiction and science writer David Quammen. His column "Natural Acts" appears regularly in Outside Magazine. His new collection of short stories is called Blood Line, and his second collection of science essays will be published soon.

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