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Ray Bradbury: 'It's Lack That Gives Us Inspiration.'

"I'm never going to go to Mars but I've helped inspire ... the people who built the rockets and sent our photographic equipment off to Mars," Bradbury told Terry Gross in 1988. The science-fiction writer died Tuesday at the age of 91.

This interview was originally broadcast in 1988.


Nathan Englander: Assimilating Thoughts Into Stories.

In What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, Nathan Englander writes about his own faith — and what it means to be Jewish — in stories that explore religious tension, Israeli-American relations and the Holocaust.


An Army Wife Reflects On 'When The Men Are Gone.'

Debut author Siobhan Fallon writes about the lives of soldiers and their families in her new short story collection, You Know When the Men Are Gone. Families, she says, take the strangeness of deployment and learn how to create a new normal.


James Franco, Modern-Day Renaissance Man.

James Franco doesn't just spend his time acting in the movies. The star of Milk, Howl and the forthcoming 127 Hours is also an accomplished writer and graduate student. He explains how he juggles his many roles — and why he continues to take on new challenges.


The late writer F.X. Toole

He died September 2 at age 72 of complications from heart surgery. Two years ago, he published his first book. It's a collection of short stories about boxing called Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner. For 20 years, Toole was a cut man, stopping the bleeding so fighters could go on to the next round. Toole wrote for over for 40 years, but it was the publication of his first story last year in a small literary magazine that caught the attention of a book agent.


Author JT LeRoy

LeRoy is the author of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, a collection of autobiographical stories, and Sarah, a novel about a 12-year-old hustler. LeRoy writes for NY Press, Shout and The Face.


Remembering William Maxwell.

We listen to rebroadcast of a 1995 interview with William Maxwell. Maxwell was fiction editor of the New Yorker from 1936-1976 and worked with such authors as J.D. Salinger, John Cheever, John Updike, Eudora Welty and scores of others. Maxwell was the author of a number of novels, including "Time Will Darken It," and "So Long, See You Tomorrow," as well as several short story collections.


Remembering William Burroughs.

Author William Burroughs, one of the Beat Generation writers whose works included the novel "Naked Lunch" died on Saturday at the age of 83. We remember him with a reading. (Rebroadcast of 2/24/1995)


Rosanne Cash Discusses Writing Music and Prose.

Rosanne Cash. The singer/lyricist has released nine albums. In 1985 she won a Grammy for "I don't Know Why You Don't Want Me." Cash is the daughter of Johnny Cash. She currently has a new album, "Ten-Song Demo" (Capitol Records) and her first work of fiction: "Bodies of Water" (Hyperion) a collection of nine short stories. One reviewer writes, "her talent as a lyricist translates beautifully into short fiction."

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