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Gary Shteyngart: Finding 'Love' In A Dismal Future.

His third novel, Super Sad True Love Story, is a black comedy set in a futuristic America — where books don't exist and where the economy has collapsed. Shteyngart explains why he decided to write a love story in this dystopic vision of the future — and why he thinks technology is changing the way we think.


New Novel Satirizes New Age Feminists.

Book Critic Maureen Corrigan reviews Hunters and Gatherers the new comic novel by Francine Prose, a story about a Manhattan community of New Age Goddess worshippers (Farrar, Straus and Giroux .August 1995)


Satirist, Musician, and Novelist Robert Kaplow.

Author and satirist Robert Kaplow. Kaplow is the leader of the satirical group, "The Punsters," which has appeared on "Morning Edition," "All Things Considered," and more recently here on Fresh Air. Kaplow himself portrays Moe Moscowitz, the hyper-kinetic self-promoter and pitchman. Kaplow also writes novels for young adults. His latest novel is titled Alessandra in Love.


Funnyman Dennis Miller.

Comic Dennis Miller. Miller does the Weekend Update segment on "Saturday Night Live." He's now working on an HBO special.

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