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Making Music From Messy Relationships With 'Kin'.

Kin: Songs By Mary Karr and Rodney Crowell is a new collaboration between Karr, the bestselling author and poet, and the maverick singer-songwriter. Together, they've written 10 songs, which are performed on the album by a variety of singers, including Norah Jones, Rosanne Cash and Emmylou Harris.


Book critic Maureen Corrigan

Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews Poetry Speaks (Sourcebooks) a collection of poems by 42 English speaking poets, along with biographical and critical essays, as well as three CDs featuring the poets reading their own work.


A View Into the Embattled World of Women Construction Workers.

Book Critic Maureen Corrigan reviews two new books by poet and construction worker Susan Eisenberg. Her poems attest to the misogyny still present in the construction industry. The books are "Pioneering: Poems from the Construction Site" (ILR Press/Cornell) and "We'll Call You If We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction" (ILR Press/Cornell)


A New Memoir of Poetic Scandal

Commentator Maureen Corrigan reviews poet Peter Davison's account of the thriving literary scene in 1950s Boston, called "The Fading Smile."


Remembering the Paranoia of a Fascist Poet

Book critic John Leonard reviews Humphrey Carpenter's biography of Ezra Pound, called A Serious Character. Leonard says the book is filled with inessential material, and doesn't do enough to address Pound's literary, political, and personal shortcomings.

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