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The Poetic 'Shadow' Of Memory, Mortality

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and essayist William Stanley Merwin was known in the 1960s as an anti-war poet. Now an environmental activist, Merwin has published a new book of poems, The Shadow of Sirius, which addresses themes of memory and mortality.


Reflecting 'Stateside' With A Loved One At War

Poet Jehanne Dubrow shares several poems from her third poetry collection, Stateside, about her experience as a Navy wife, trying to understand her own life while waiting for her spouse to return from war.


Poet Robert Hass: An Elegy For His Younger Brother.

The former poet laureate reflects on his brother's passing in the new poem "August Notebook: A Death." The elegy is included in Hass' new collection, The Apple Trees at Olema, which includes material from his first five works — as well as new poems on the art of storytelling and personal relations in a violent world.


Natasha Trethewey: If My Mom Could See Us Now

Natasha Trethewey won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for poetry for her book Native Guard. Her parents had an interracial marriage while it was still illegal in Mississippi, and Tretheway's poetry often draws on her childhood as a biracial child in the south.


Leonard Cohen's 'Book of Longing.'

Songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen. His latest volume of poetry is called “Book of Longing.” He’s also working on an upcoming album. Cohen’s poetry career began 50 years ago with the 1956 publication of “Let Us Compare Mythologies.” Cohen is also known for his deep voice and slow phrasing of songs that straddle the folk-rock fence. He’s made 17 albums. The latest is “Dear Heather” (2004). He also appeared in the 2005 feature length documentary, “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man,” which is now out on DVD.

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