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Novelist Lynn Sharon Schwartz on "Leaving Brooklyn"

The author's new book, about a fifteen year old girl's longing for adventure, takes the form of a memoir -- but the story is invented. Schwartz joins Fresh Air to talk about her protagonist's sexuality and the boundless power of fiction.


Novelist Amy Tan on Mothers and Daughters

Tan's first novel is called The Joy Luck Club, which is about a group of Chinese mothers who try to understand their American-born daughters. She joins Fresh Air to discuss her relationship with her own mother, and her mother's home country.


Death and "Life on Earth"

Writer Sheila Ballantyne's newest collection of short stories explores mortality. She says her musings on death help her better appreciate the time she has right now.


Seeing Characters in Crisis

Bobbie Ann Mason's new, Spence and Lila, is about a couple who copes with the wife's breast cancer. Her previous novel, In Country, is being made into a film. She joins Fresh Air to talk about her approach to writing and the clowder of farm cats she raised.


Portraying Female Independence on the Page

Still in her thirties, novelist Erica Jong celebrates women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Her books feature realistic women characters who are given the chance to embrace their bodies and enjoy sex without fear of repercussions. Her newest is called Serenissima.


Remembering "That Night"

Alice McDermott's new novel is about a young girl who witnesses a teenage love affair develop in her neighborhood. McDermott joins Fresh Air to discuss writing, memory, and growing up in the suburbs.


An Interview with Lestat's Creator

Anne Rice latest installment in her Vampire Chronicles series, The Vampire Lestat, continues the story of the titular protagonist, who first appeared in Interview with the Vampire.

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