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African Americans in motion pictures

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In 'Killer of Sheep,' an L.A. Portrait Like No Other

Critic-at-large John Powers reflects on what he thinks is the single greatest movie ever made about the city of Los Angeles — Killer of Sheep, an independent film made in the late '70s by Charles Burnett. It's on the Library of Congress' National Film Registry; it will be showing in selected theaters in the next few months, and it comes out on DVD this September.


From the Archives: Contemporary Black Hollywood.

Keenan Ivory Wayans. He co-wrote and acted in "Hollywood Shuffle," Robert Townsend's film about a black actor trying to make it in a world of show business stereotypes. He wrote, directed and starred in, "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka," a comedy that parodies black exploitation, kung fu and wild action movies. (REBROADCAST FROM 8/9/89)


From the Archives: The Blaxploitation Era.

Filmmaker, writer, director, playwright, producer and actor Melvin Van Peebles. His 1970 movie, "Sweet Sweetback's Baadass Song" made him famous and made Variety's list of all-time money-makers. He's launched two musicals on Broadway and written five novels. (REBROADCAST FROM 7/17/90)


Comedian and Director Rusty Cundieff on What Scares Him

Writer, director and co-star of the new horror flick "Tales From The Hood," Rusty Cundieff. He has been featured in such diverse projects as Spike Lee's "School Daze," and the daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives." He broke into filmmaking when he teamed up with friend Darin Scott to write and direct "Fear of a Black Cat."


Two African American Directors on Hollywood's Lack of Cultural Awareness

Warrington and Reginald Hudlin produced and directed the new Eddie Murphy film "Boomerang," said, at $40 million, to be the largest big budget film made by African-Americans. Their previous film, "House Party," was made for $2.6 million and was one of the most profitable movies ever made by African-Americans. Despite their success, the brothers say that Hollywood still hasn't made enough progress with regard to black actors and directors.

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