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African American women singers

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Aretha's Little-Known Siblings

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles the early years of the Franklin sisters. Aretha Franklin is a renowned soul legend, but her two sisters, Carolyn and Erma, were also singers.


Soul Singer Laura Lee Tells It Like It Is

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles Laura Lee, a gospel singer who in the late 60s and early 70s switched to soul. She became known for her feminist songs "Wedlock is a Padlock," and "Women's Love Rights." After a string of hits she went back to gospel music, recording with Al Green.


Irma Thomas at the Wrong Place and Right Time

The queen of New Orleans soul would have been a bigger star if she had moved to New York or Los Angeles earlier in her career, argues rock historian Ed Ward. Despite her local success, Thomas only had a few national hits. But by all accounts, she's happy now, performing in regional blues circuits and raising her four children.

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