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From the Archives: Performance Poet Sekou Sundiata.

Performance poet Sekou Sundiata (SAY-coo SOON-dee-ah-tah) In 1997, he released his first CD, "The Blue Oneness of Dreams" on Mouth Almighty/Mercury Records. He is one of New York's notable spoken word artists, He blends lyrics of urban dwelling with music. Born in Harlem, He is a professor of English Literature at The New School for Social Research. His second CD, tentatively titled "Urban Music" should be released sometime this year. No exact date has been set. Originally broadcast 4/16/97.


Poets Sonia Sanchez and Michael Harper.

Poets Sonia Sanchez and Michael Harper. The two are featured on a new CD anthology, "Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers" (Rhino) a collection of African American poetry from 1919 to 1999. It Includes the work of Langston Hughes, W.E.B. DuBois, Maya Angelou, Gil Scott-heron, Amiri Baraka and others.


Remembering Activist Poet Amiri Baraka.

Baraka was one of the key black literary voices of the 1960s. The political and social views that inspired his writing changed over the years, from his bohemian days as a young man in Greenwich Village to his later years as a Marxist. He spoke to Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 1986.

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