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African American families

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Unearthing a Family Tree's Diverse Roots

Journalist, novelist and playwright Thulani Davis traces her roots in My Confederate Kinfolk: a Twenty-First Century Freedwoman Discovers Her Roots. Among the revelations Davis uncovered was that her ancestors include a Scots-Irish clan of cotton planters as well as Africans from Sierra Leone.


Tracy Morgan On Becoming 'The New Black.'

The star of NBC's 30 Rock talks to Terry Gross about his tough childhood, how he made the grade in the comedy college that was Saturday Night Live, and why even though he may cry a little on the radio, "the funny bus is still sitting downstairs." (Rebroadcast from Oct. 22, 2009)


Actor James Earl Jones

Jones is one of the distinctive voices of our time, yet few people know he fights a stutter. The Tony-Award winning actor took just one day to record the voice track for Darth Vader in Star Wars. That performance lead to many commercial voice-over projects. There's a new Star Wars trilogy on DVD. This show was originally broadcast on Sept. 15, 1993.


Kasi Lemmons Discusses Her Directorial Debut.

Actress, screenwriter and director Kasi Lemmons. Her directorial debut is "Eve's Bayou." It stars Samuel L. Jackson and is now in theaters. The family drama takes place in a small Louisiana town in 1962, and is narrated by the younger daughter Eve, who must process family politics and her father's extramarital affairs at the age of ten. Lemmons has acted in the movies "The Silence of the Lambs," "Hard Target," "Candyman," and "Vampire's Kiss." (Interview by Kasi Lemmons)


Coming of Age in the Era After the Civil Rights Movement.

Journalist and author Veronica Chambers. Her new memoir, "Mama's Girl" (Riverhead Books), describes her ascent from childhood poverty into the middle class. Growing up in the 1970s in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, Chambers struggled to ease the strain on her single mother and to help her brother stay out of trouble. She overcame racial stereotypes by excelling in the gifted and talented program in school and graduating from college at the age of 20.


From the Archives: Dancer and Choreographer Bill T. Jones.

Dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones. He founded the acclaimed Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company with his partner and lover, Arnie Zane. Their partnership lasted 17 years until Zane's death in 1988 from AIDS-related complications. JONES has been a recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award. His new piece, "Ursonate," opened this week in New York. His previous work, "Still/Here," was based on his conversations with people across the country who were dealing with life threatening illnesses. (RE-BROADCAST FROM 9/7/95)


Domestic Abuse: Reaching Violent Men.

Robert Carter is a clinical social worker with Project RAP (Reduce Abuse Program) part of the Family Service of Philadelphia. He counsels men who are abusive with their partners and family. Carter is also a group facilitator working with adolescent fathers, and he meets with pre-teen and teen groups in a prevention to violence program. (Family Service of Philadelphia, 215-875-3300).

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