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Susan Faludi Slams Media, Myths in 'Terror Dream'

Culture critic Susan Faludi writes about the gender wars in America; her books Backlash and Stiffed, in particular, have sparked admiration and controversy.

Faludi's latest book, The Terror Dream, is already generating much the same critical reaction. It's an investigation of America's response to Sept. 11, 2001, in terms of the myths and stories our society — in particular, the media — grasped hold of for reassurance after that day's terrorist attacks.


Don DeLillo's 'Falling Man'

Ever since word got out that Don DeLillo was working on a novel about Sept. 11, anticipation has been building. After all, DeLillo has claimed plots and conspiracies as his literary subject. Book critic Maureen Corrigan has a review of DeLillo's new novel, Falling Man.


Sandler Takes a Serious Turn in 'Reign Over Me'

Mike Binder has directed nine feature films, although before his last, The Upside of Anger, he was best known as an actor and for the television series The Mind of the Married Man.

In Reign Over Me, he gives a serious — an extremely serious — part to the comic Adam Sandler, who plays a man whose life is destroyed by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.


Oliver Stone's Take on the Sept. 11 Tragedy

Oliver Stone's new film World Trade Center, starring Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena, follows two Port Authority policemen trapped in the rubble of the towers. Our critic says the film raises a lot of questions about how we grieve.


T.V. critic David Bianculli

T.V. critic David Bianculli previews the CBS special 9/11,which airs Sunday at 9:00 ET/PT. Filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet captured footage of the collapse of the World Trade Center from the inside. Robert DeNiro narrates the special.

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