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Women's rights

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Personhood In The Womb: A Constitutional Question.

A study released this year examined cases where law enforcement intervened in the lives of pregnant women who were believed to be endangering their fetuses. State laws are stepping in on behalf of the fetuses' constitutional rights — but what of the mothers' rights? Fresh Air looks at three perspectives in the debate.


The Thomashefskys: Stars Of The Yiddish Stage

Bessie and Boris Thomashefsky were mega-stars in the Yiddish theater world. Their story is told in a new documentary, written and conducted by heir grandson, Michael Tilson Thomas. He also serves as music director of San Francisco Symphony and artistic director of the New World Symphony.


Women in Somalia

Writer Nuruddin Farah's new novel, Knots, is about the terrible conditions for women in Somalia. The central character is a Somali-Canadian woman who returns to Mogadiscio, her native city.


Isobel Coleman on the State of the Middle East

Coleman is a senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan think tank. She's an expert on economic development, Afghanistan and women's initiatives in the Middle East.


Former Episcopal Bishop of New York, Paul Moore

We remember former Episcopal Bishop of New York, Paul Moore. He died Thursday at the age of 83. Moore was known for his activism and concern for human rights. He was part of the civil rights movement and protested against the Vietnam War. As Bishop, he brought the church into dialogue with the poor and oppressed in New York. And he transformed the Cathedral of St. John the Divine into a thriving place for the community. In 1997 he published his memoir, Presences: A Bishop's Life in the City. This interview first aired December 15, 1997.


Human Rights Lawyer Asma Jahangir

Human Rights Lawyer Asma Jahangir. Shes been at the forefront of the movements for womens rights, human rights and peace in Pakistan for twenty years. She co-founded the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. In her work shes defended a boy against the charge of blasphemy-the penalty would have been death. Shes defended the right of women to chose their own husbands. Because of her efforts shes been arrested, received death threats, and been the target of hostile propaganda.


Life Under the Taliban.

We talk about the Taliban with Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid. His new book is called Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil, and Fundamentalism in Central Asia (Yale University Press). In the mid 1990s, the Taliban Movement gained power in Afghanistan, a country in the wake of a civil war. The Taliban declared they wanted to restore peace and enforce traditional Islamic law. Instead, The Taliban has shown itself to be a troubling development in Islamic radicalism. It has launched a genocidal campaign against Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan. It has sanctioned acts of international terrorism.


From the Archives: Actor Alan Alda on Singing and Science.

Actor Alan Alda. The star of the TV show M*A*S*H (for which he won Emmys for acting, writing, and directing), as well as the movies "Same Time, Next Year," "The Four Seasons," and in Woody Allen's "Crimes and Misdemeanors," "Manhattan Murder Mystery," and "Everyone Says I Love You." He recently had a short stint on "E.R." as Dr. Gabe Lawrence (REBROADCAST from 2/18/97)


From the Archives: Pakistani Writer Bapsi Sidhwa.

Pakistani writer Bapsi Sidhwa (Bop-see SEED-wah). Her novel Cracking India," which tells the story of the Partition of India through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl is the basis of the new film "Earth." The director is Deepa Mehta. (REBROADCAST from 10/29/91)

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