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Doris Day: A Hollywood Legend Reflects On Life.

Day started singing and dancing when she was a teenager, and made her first film at 24. After nearly 40 movies, she walked away from that part of her life in 1968, and started rescuing and caring for animals. Here, she speaks to Terry Gross in a lengthy interview about her career in film and music.


Blossom Dearie: Tiny Voice, Big Impact

Jazz singer and pianist Blossom Dearie was a great singer with the tiniest of voices. Dearie died Feb 7. She was 82. Fresh Air remembers her with an interview from 1998.


Anita O'Day: A Distinctive Voice Stilled

Jazz singer Anita O'Day died last week of a heart attack at the age of 87. She was known for her distinctive legato style, the result of a botched childhood tonsillectomy that left her without vibrato. O'Day made her name with the bands of Gene Krupa and Stan Kenton, and later had success as a solo performer.


Dianne Reeves Prepares for National Tour

Jazz singer Dianne Reeves has received a lot of exposure recently through her singing in the film Good Night and Good Luck. Before the movie, she already had a devoted following after winning Best Jazz Vocal Performance Grammys for each of her last three recordings. Reeves is about to go on national tour with her Christmas Time is Here show. Some of the cities it will be stopping in: Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Toronto.


Queen of 'Vocalese': Jazz Singer Annie Ross

Singer and actress Annie Ross was part of the legendary team of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross and originated the style known as vocalese. She's currently performing in Manhattan at Danny's Skylight Room on Wednesday nights until September. (This interview originally aired March 2, 1990.)


Singer Susannah McCorkle

We present two interviews from the archives: a 1987 concert featuring ballads and popular songs, and a 1988 Christmas concert performed by the jazz vocalist. She considered Billie Holliday her main influence. McCorkle died in May of 2001, of an apparent suicide.


Jazz vocalist and snare drummer Susie Arioli

The Susie Arioli Swing Band featuring Jordan Officer first gained notice at the 1998 Montreal International Jazz Festival. The band's albums include the recent Pennies from Heaven and the debut It's Wonderful.


Rosemary Clooney: Live in Concert

We remember the great singer Rosemary Clooney, who died Saturday. We'll hear a concert and interview taped before a live audience in San Francisco on January 18th, 1997, as part of the City Arts & Lectures series. Clooney sings some of her best-known songs, accompanied by a quintet directed by John Oddo. She also talks with Terry about her life.

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