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Domestic Abuse: Reaching Violent Men.

Robert Carter is a clinical social worker with Project RAP (Reduce Abuse Program) part of the Family Service of Philadelphia. He counsels men who are abusive with their partners and family. Carter is also a group facilitator working with adolescent fathers, and he meets with pre-teen and teen groups in a prevention to violence program. (Family Service of Philadelphia, 215-875-3300).


Domestic Abuse: Profile of an Abusive Man.

Psychologist Donald Dutton is a pioneer in the study and treatment of abusive men. He is a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, and the director of the Assaultive Husbands Program in Vancouver, Canada. Recently Dutton was an expert witness for the prosecution in the pretrial of O.J. Simpson. His new book (co-authored with Susan Golant) is The Batterer: A Psychological Profile (Basic Books). (THIS INTERVIEW CONTINUES through THE HALF HOUR).

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