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Remembering 'Vampire Chronicles' author Anne Rice

Rice, who died Dec. 11, grew up in New Orleans and hit it big in 1976 with her first novel, Interview with the Vampire. She followed up with more than a dozen novels. Originally broadcast in 1990.


'Dark Shadows': A Vampire Returns, Without His Bite

Johnny Depp stars in Tim Burton's feature-film adaptation of the cult Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, about an 18th-century vampire transplanted to the 1970s. Critic and longtime Dark Shadows fan David Edelstein says the camp sendup of the show is lifeless and unfunny.


Slow 'Eclipse' Knows Just How To Stalk Its Target

Tuesday midnight sales of the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse, topped $30 million. Critic David Edelstein, who saw the film with his 12-year-old daughter, says he was hypnotized by the sexual tension and the flawless complexions -- but wonders about the lack of vampire blood.


A 'New Moon' Destined For A Quick Eclipse

Stephenie Meyers' four-novel Twilight saga set off a rage for lovelorn teen vampires —-one that only escalated after the release of the first hit movie. The second film, New Moon, set box-office records for advance sales, but critic David Edelstein says it's too turgid for the excitement to last.


Anna Paquin, In Flesh And 'Blood'

It's the era of Twilight, and pop culture is swarming with the undead. Terry Gross talks to Academy Award-winning actress Anna Paquin, star of HBO's vampire series True Blood.


Alan Ball, Talking 'True Blood' and 'Towelhead'

First he created Six Feet Under, the HBO series about a family that runs a funeral home and is steeped in death. Now he's created an HBO series about the undead: True Blood, about vampires who've emerged from the shadows.

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