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Lt. Colonel Martha McSally and Lawyer John Whitehead

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Martha Mcsally is our nations highest ranking female fighter pilot. Last month she sued the Defense Department for its policy toward women military personnel stationed in Saudi Arabia. When traveling off-base women are required to wear traditional Islamic religious clothing, covering themselves from head to foot. They also have to be chaperoned by a male, and are required to ride in the back seat of any vehicle.


Women, Sexism, and the Military.

Lieutenant Kelly Flinn was the first woman to pilot a B-52 bomber. Flinn was forced to resign from the Air Force this spring on charges of "disobeying orders" when a military investigation discovered she lied about relationship she had with a married man. Flinn has written a book about the incident and her experiences dealing with sexism and hypocrisy in the Air Force, titled "Proud to Be: My Life, the Air Force, the Controversy ." (Random House).


Supporting New Recruits and Conscientious Objectors

Terry interviews Jim Creighton, the staff councilor with Friends Military Counciling, a group sponsored by the Quakers; he advises men and women in the military who object to the Gulf War. Afterwards, she speaks with Sergeant Reginald Bullock, an Air Force recruiter in the Philadelphia area. We'll find out how his job has changed in the past week,

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