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A New Cop Show Is "Just Right"

TV critic David Bianculli reviews the police drama "EZ Streets" which premieres on CBS Sunday Night. He says it's the best new show on television.


Violence, Youth, and Cities: The Rapping Undercover Cop, Eric Davis.

Eric Davis, an undercover cop who patrols Chicago housing projects. Davis grew up in one, but life in the projects is much tougher today. The proliferation of drugs and guns has made the environment almost hopeless. There's a lot of distrust of cops in the projects but Davis has won the respect of a lot of young people...some of them are fans of his group "The Slick Boys," a rap group composed of three Chicago undercover cops. (Rebroadcast of 2/28/1995)


Lucie Duvall on Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Police Force

Lieutenant Duvall is the founder of Cleveland's landmark sex crimes unit. She was one of the first woman street cops in the city, and one of the first women in the country to head a vice squad. A new biography has just been written about her, called "Working Vice."


Infiltrating the New York Mafia

For six years, Joseph Pistone worked undercover for the FBI to investigate the Mafia. His testimony helped convict over one hundred people, including those involved with the Pizza Connection heroin operation. His new memoir is titled Donnie Brasco -- the name he used when working with crime families.

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