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Trumpet music (Jazz)

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Ornette Coleman's 60s' Work Finally Reissued.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a couple of Ornette Coleman reissues from 1968: "New York is Now," and "Love Call." (Both on the Blue Note label). They include some alternate takes of tunes never before released in the U.S.


Jazz Trumpeter Red Rodney.

Jazz trumpeter Red Rodney. Rodney's played with the greats...Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Charlie Parker, among many others. He has a new album, called "Code Red," on the Continuum label.


Keeping Rare Mingus Compositions Alive.

Jazz trumpeter Jack Walrath. Walrath is the musical director of Mingus Dynasty Band, a group that continues to explore the compositions of the late Charles Mingus. Their new album is called "The Next Generation." (It's on Columbia Records).


Remembering Buck Clayton.

We remember trumpeter Buck Clayton, who died on Sunday at age 80. Clayton played with Count Baise's original band. (Rebroadcast of 10/14/1987)


Jazz Musician Jack Sheldon on Trumpet and Vocals

For many years, Sheldon was bandleader and sidekick for Merv Griffin's talk show. He sang with Benny Goodman, was a childhood friend of Chet Baker's, and played burlesque with Lenny Bruce. He's just released a new record of standards, called "On My Own."


Jazz Musician Jack Sheldon.

Trumpeter and Singer, Jack Sheldon. For many years he was bandleader and sidekick for Merv Griffin's talkshow. Sheldon has been involved with some of the great names of jazz: he sang with Benny Goodman, was a childhood friend of Chet Baker's, and played burlesque with Lenny Bruce. He has a new record of standards: "On My Own" (Concord Records). (REBROADCAST from 6/9/93)


Remembering Red Rodney.

Jazz musicians Red Rodney and Sonny Sharrock. They're both important jazz figures who recently died. We will rebroadcast previous interviews with both Rodney was a trumpeter and band leader. He rose through the big band ranks and played in Charlie Parker's quintet. He was known as one of jazz's best improvisers. And he was known for regaling journalists with his stories-- often of dubious veracity. (Rebroadcast of 6/15/1990)

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