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Trumpet music (Jazz)

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Bebop Big and Small

A new reissue of Dizzy Gillespie recordings showcases his pioneering music in a variety of different ensemble settings.


Benny Carter Helped Develop the Language of Swing.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead pays tribute to Benny Carter, the elder statesman of the alto saxophone. He reviews the new American Jazz Orchestra recording of Carter compositions, featuring Carter, pianist John Lewis and bassist Ron Carter, among others.


Ornette Coleman's 60s' Work Finally Reissued.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a couple of Ornette Coleman reissues from 1968: "New York is Now," and "Love Call." (Both on the Blue Note label). They include some alternate takes of tunes never before released in the U.S.


A Gimmick that Works.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews the new CD "Hubsongs" a new collection of Freddie Hubbard songs performed by Tim Hagans and Marcus Printup. It has been released on Capitol Records.

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