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A Film Critic's Career

A new collection of Roger Ebert's writing, titled A Kiss is Just A Kiss, has just been published. His television program, co-hosted by fellow critic and professional rival Gene Siskel, is now syndicated on commercial stations.


A Film Critic's Career

A collection of Roger Ebert's essays is called A Kiss is Just A Kiss. He co-hosts the television show At the Movies with fellow critic and professional rival Gene Siskel.


Secrets of Talk Shows.

Dick Cavett is a television talk show host, comedian, and writer. He's had shows on ABC, public television, and cable television. He began his career writing jokes for Jack Parr and Johnny Carson. He is known for his esoteric guest and "intellectual" style.


Jack Paar's New Special.

Television Critic David Bianculli reviews "Jack Paar is Alive and Well," NBC's look back at the first host of "The Tonight Show."


Interviewing Rising Talent and Falling Stars

Joe Franklin has been an enduring institution in the world of radio and television talk shows. Over the past 36 years, he's interviewed countless actors, comedians, and musicians. His show is a unique, low-budget operation; Franklin books all the guests himself.


Two New Stars of Late Night

TV critic David Bianculli review The Arsenio Hall Show and The Pat Sajak show, both of which attempt to recreate the success of Johnny Carson and David Letterman's late night programs. Bianculli says Hall leans a little too heavily on name-dropping, while Sajak borrows too much from Letterman.


Late-Night Talk Show Host Conan O'Brien Gets Comfortable On Camera

O'Brien took over David Letterman's spot in 1993. Now, nearly four years since becoming host of "Late Night with Conan O'Brian," he's become a household name. Previous to that, O'Brien was a writer for Saturday Night Live. His sketches included "Mr. Short Term Memory" and "The Girl Watchers." He was also a writer/producer for "The Simpsons." (Originally aired 10/30/96)

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