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A Big Voice in Theme Songs

Listeners will recognize Frankie Laine's voice from the opening sequences of Rawhide and Blazing Saddles. Laine also makes a career performing and recording pop, country and jazz tunes.


Mancini's Long Career Making Music for Movies and T.V.

Henry Mancini, who's had a long career writing scores for movies and TV. He has composed some classic songs, such as "The Pink Panther," "Moon River," "The Days of Wine and Roses," and the themes for "Peter Gunn" and "Mr. Lucky." He had just done the music for the new film version of "The Glass Menagerie."


Trombone Pioneer J. J. Johnson.

J.J. Johnson, a pioneer of the modern jazz trombone. In 1970, he moved to Hollywood to work as a composer and arranger for television. He's toured the country recently, and a new CD of sessions he recorded in the 60s has just been reissued.


Miles Copeland's Series of Instrumental Rock Albums.

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the No Speak record series, all-instrumental albums brought out by the producer Miles Copeland. The artists are Pete Haycock, formerly of the Climax Blues Band, William Orbit, Stewart Copeland, guitarist for the Police and the group Wishbone Ash.


Mancini's Long Career Making Music for Movies and T.V.

Composer Henry Mancini. His compositions include the theme to "The Pink Panther" series, the songs "Moon River" and "The Days of Wine and Roses," and the themes for the television programs "Peter Gunn" and "Mr. Lucky." His most recent score was for the film "The Glass Menagerie." (Rebroadcast. Original broadcast November 11, 1987.)


A Tale of a Fateful Trip

Critics and network executives hated it, but fans loved Gilligan's Island; it's been on the air for twenty-five years. Show creator and writer Sherwood Schwartz -- who also wrote the Brady Bunch and My Favorite Martian -- has a new book about the program, called Inside Gilligan's Island.


Two Musical Frauds Endure in 1991

Rock critic Ken Tucker comments on the success of white rapper Vanilla Ice's debut, To the Extreme, and The Simpsons Sing the Blues, a compilation performed by the voice actors of the popular animated show.


Mancini's Long Career Making Music for Movies and T.V.

Composer Henry Mancini who's famous for the his movie scores for "The Pink Panther," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and "The Days of Wine and Roses"....and for his tv themes for "Peter Gunn," "Newhart" and "Remington Steele." Mancini has won four Academy awards and 20 Grammys. (rebroadcast from 11/11/87).


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