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Leonard Maltin On Film, Television, and Animation.

Film critic Leonard Maltin has two new releases. The first is an updated and revised edition of his "T.V. Movies," an index of films shown on television. The second is about silent cartoons and animations and is titled "Of Mice and Magic." He joins the show to discuss both.


Watching Movies on Television with Leonard Maltin.

Film critic Leonard Maltin has been writing about films since he was 17 years old. The 1983-1984 edition of his guide "T.V. Movies," which gives "capsule" reviews of films airing on television, has just been published. This year's edition has 15,000 movies and also reviews made-for-television movies. Maltin has written several books about film and is the film critic for Entertainment Tonight. Maltin will answer listener calls about movies.


We're Not in Oz Anymore.

Television Critic David Bianculli talks about the effect video cassette recorders have had on the way his kids watch TV.


Bad Films with Wisecracks.

From the Comedy Central cable channel's "Mystery Science Theater 3000," creator and host Joel Hodgson, and head writer Mike Nelson. Their show spoofs badly made science-fiction movies by talking back to the them, much like you'd talk back to your TV.


Bringing Classic Movies to Television.

From the American Movie Classics cable channel, Vice President for scheduling, Pat Davis. And from The Turner Classic Movie channel, Vice President of programming, Charlie Tabesh. They’ll discuss their work scheduling and acquiring classic films to be shown on cable TV.

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