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Walking Along the "River's Edge"

Director Tim Hunter's new movie is about a teenage murderer and the impact his actions have on his friends. The movie stars Dennis Hopper, Keanu Reeves, and Crispin Glover.


John Waters on Nostalgia, Dance, and Hair.

The first part of a two-part interview with filmmaker and writer John Waters. His new film - "Hairspray" - follows a long line of wildly eccentric films like "Polyester," "Pink Flamingos," and "Female Trouble." Like those films, the setting for "Hairspray" is Baltimore. The cast includes Divine, Debbie Harry, Pia Zadora and Sonny Bono.


Catching Up On Teenage Trends

Critic Ken Tucker reviews Alysssa Milano's exercise video Teen Steam, which is geared toward teenage girls; adults caught watching it can't help feeling faintly unclean, he says. He also recommends new releases of Withnail and I and Rambo III.


A West Coast Group Wrote Songs for the Kids

Songwriters Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller formed the 1950s band The Coasters as a vehicle for some of their goofier work. Rock historian Ed Ward says they were some of the first to recognize the importance of rock music to teenagers.


Zemeckis Capatures the Camaraderie of Rock and Roll Fandom

Ken Tucker reviews the home video release of I Wanna Hold Your Hand, about a group of teenage Beatles fans in New Jersey. The film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, was a commercial fop, but Tucker, who says it's insightful without indulging in cliches, hopes it will find a new audience on tape.


Michael Uys Chronicles Teenage "Hobos" During the Great Depression.

Film maker Michael Uys. His latest project is Riding The Rails which he co-wrote, co-produced, and co-directed. The documentary film recounts the experiences of the more than 250 thousand teenagers who left their homes during The Great Depression and hopped on trains in search for a better life.


"Riding the Rails" During the Great Depression.

In this part of the show...Terry Gross talks with two people who as teenagers who left home and road trains during The Great Depression. Jim Mitchell and Peggy DeHart are both featured in Michael Uys' film Riding The Rails. Mitchell was 16 years old in 1933 when he first board a train. DeHart was 15 in 1938.


From the Archives: "Riding the Rails" During the Great Depression.

Two people who as teenagers left home and road trains during The Great Depression: Jim Mitchell and Peggy DeHart are both featured in Michael Uyes film "Riding The Rails". Mitchell was 16 years old in 1933 when he first jumped a train. DeHart was 15 in 1938. The documentary "Riding The Rails" will be featured on PBS Monday night as part of The American Experience series. (REBROADCAST from 9/2/97)


Teenagers: the merchants of cool

Teenagers are the hottest consumer demographic in America. Media analyst Douglas Rushkoff examines the multi-billion dollar marketing industry aimed at teenagers in the new Frontline documentary The Merchants of Cool. (Tuesday, Feb. 27th at 10 PM). Rushkoff is also the author of Coercion: Why We Listen to What They Say (Riverhead books) about how our everyday decisions are influenced by marketers, politicians, religious leaders, and other forces.

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