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Marcus Samuelsson: On Becoming A Top Chef.

The James Beard award-winning chef was the youngest ever to receive a three-star review from The New York Times. His memoir, Yes, Chef, explains what it takes to be a master chef — and describes his journey from Ethiopia to Sweden to some of America's finest restaurants.


'Let In' The Swedish Vampires

In Let the Right One In, Eli and Oskar are both lonely 12-year-olds — but one of them happens to be a vampire. Critic-at-large John Powers calls the Swedish film "the best vampire movie in the last 75 years."


Philosopher Sissela Bok on Her Nobel Prize-Winning Mother

Philosopher and writer Sissela Bok (Siss-ala Bahk). She's the author of several books on the ethics of lying and keeping secrets. Her latest book is a memoir about her mother, Alva Myrdal, who was called the most modern woman in the world. Both of Bok's parents were Nobel Prize winners. The book is "Alva Myrdal: A Daughter's Memoir," published by Addison Wesley and now out in paperback. (REBROADCAST. Originally aired 5/28/91)


A Legendary Director's "Fear of the Dark"

Book critic John Leonard says that Ingmar Bergman's lacerating new autobiography, The Magic Lantern, is an important literary text. It explores Bergman's bleak inner life as well as his philosophies on filmmaking.


An Actress Who Never Stops Being Herself

Viveca Lindfors made her mark in Swedish films before becoming a noted Hollywood actress in the post-war era. She talks about fate of and attitudes toward fellow actresses from that period.

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