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In-Studio Performances

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Jazz Bassist Major Holley

The accomplished musician is known for singing along with his playing. He demonstrates his unique approach to the instrument, considers the evolving role of the bass in music, and his career in jazz.


Pianist Hoyle Osborne and Singer/Guitarist Jane Voss

The musical duo take inspiration from vaudeville, ragtime and classical music. To promote their new album, Get to the Heart, they have a number of performances scheduled in the Philadelphia area. They perform a number of their songs in studio.


A Late-Night Legend and the "Funny People" Who Inspire Him

Comedian, television host and musician Steve Allen performs his original songs and compositions for Fresh Air. He also talks about his career as the host of his own late-night television program and his new book, Funny People, which pays homage to some of his favorite comedians.


Sam Dockery: The In-Studio Performance

Jazz pianist Sam Dockery performs before a live studio audience. In between songs, he tells Fresh Air associate producer Danny Miller about the mechanics of improvisation and the role of the pianist in different contexts.


Bob Dorough: The Fresh Air Concert

The songwriter, singer and jazz pianist performs his songs for Fresh Air. He talks about his approach to writing, his distinctive vocal style, and how he keeps his arrangements fresh.


Singer and Songwriter John Sebastian

The former Lovin' Spoonful frontman talks about his career in rock and folk music, his experiences during the landmark Woodstock Festival, and his musical-in-progress, an adaptation of the novel Charlotte's Web.


John Coates: The Fresh Air Concert

The pianist rejected the life of a traveling jazz musician, instead choosing to perform and record live performances in clubs near his home in the Delaware Water Gap area. He also makes a living as a transcriber and arranger. He plays selections from each of his albums for a live audience.


Singer-Songwriter Rosalie Sorrels

The folk singer joins Fresh Air to talk about how she made a career as a musician after the breakup of her marriage. She performs some of her songs a cappella in studio.

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