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In-Studio Performances




Recognizing a Forgotten Songwriter

Performer-in-residence Harry Connick, Jr. plays the music of Harold Arlen. While his name may be known to few, Arlen wrote several popular and recognizable songs.


April Songs

In celebration of the coming of spring, jazz pianist Dave McKenna performs three songs with "April" in the title.


Free-Associating the Return of Spring

Jazz pianist Dave McKenna is known both for his large repertoire of songs and his improvisatory skill. He joins Fresh Air to offer a musical meditation on the change of seasons.


Paying Tribute to Thelonious Monk

Pianist Kenny Barron says that the late jazz musician's style was jagged, percussive and dissonant. Barron performs some of Monk's compositions to demonstrate this innovative approach.


Kenny Barron on Abdullah Ibrahim

Jazz pianist Kenny Barron joins Fresh Air to perform some of Abdullah Ibrahim's music, as well as Barron's own composition inspired by Ibrahim.

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