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Student 'Subversives' And The FBI's 'Dirty Tricks'

Journalist Seth Rosenfeld spent three decades pursuing government documents about the FBI's undercover operation in Berkeley, Calif., during the student protest movements in the '60s. His book details how the FBI "used dirty tricks to stifle dissent on campus" and influenced Ronald Reagan's politics.


Carma Hinton Discusses the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Filmmaker Carma Hinton talks about "The Gate of Heavenly Peace" a film she co-produced with her husband Richard Gordon. The film chronicles the Chinese democracy movement that began in the spring of 1989 and ended in the Tiananmen Square massacre. The film will show on PBS' Frontline program on Tuesday, June 4, 1996 which marks the 7th anniversary. Hinton and her husband run a production company called Long Bow Group, Inc in Brookline, Massachusetts.


A Path to Peace Through Negotiation, Catching up With China

Two interviews in this segment: First, Terry talks with Roger Fisher, the head of the Harvard Negotiation Project. He explains why it's still not too late to negotiate with Saddam Hussain. Then Terry speaks with journalist and long-time China watcher, Orville Schell; they'll discuss the current trials of some of the leaders of the student-led, pro-democracy movement.


Father Theodore Hesburgh on "God, Country, Notrie Dame"

Reverend Theodore Hesburgh has just published a new memoir about serving as the University of Notre Dame's president for 35 years. His tenure overlapped with the 1960s student movements; Hesburgh did his best to strike a balance between allowing for freedom of expression and maintaining an environment conducive to learning.


Student Movements in China Push for Democracy

China expert Orville Schell says that students in that country are fighting for American-style democracy and greater freedom of expression. In light of the recent Tiananmen Square protests, Schell joins Fresh Air to discuss the history and future of anti-establishment movements.


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