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Harvey Kurtzman: The Comics World's 'Mad Genius'

Critic Milo Miles reviews The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: The Mad Genius of Comics. It's Dennis Kitchen and Paul Buhle's illustrated biography of influential artist and writer Harvey Kurtzman, the inventor of MAD Magazine.


Biography Details the 'King of Comics'

In his new biography, Kirby: King of Comics, TV and comics writer Mark Evanier details the life and career of noted comic artist Jack Kirby, the co-creator of the Marvel Comics characters the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk and X-Men.


Adrian Tomine, Drawing Delicately from Life

Movie-theater owner Ben Tanaka is having relationship issues; his girlfriend, Miko, suspects he's secretly attracted to white women. (She's right, but he won't admit it.) In Shortcomings, Asian-American graphic novelist Adrian Tomine (Scrapbook, Summer Blonde) has finally done what many fans and critics have suggested he should: addressed race in his work.


Comic Book Author Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar has edited a new volume of comics called The Best American Comics 2006. Pekar began writing comic book stories in 1972. The first collection of Pekar's work was American Splendor. Pekar also wrote the book Our Cancer Year in collaboration with his wife, Joyce Brabner. This interview first aired Nov. 10, 2005.


'Masters of American Comics': A History of the Funnies

Brian Walker, son of Hi and Lois creator Mort Walker, has co-edited a new book that traces the history of America's funny pages in the 20th century. Walker now writes the Hi and Lois strip with his brother, editor Greg Walker, and illustrator Chance Browne.


Graphic Novelist Daniel Clowes

Clowes' new book is called Ice Haven. It's the story of a small Midwestern town populated by characters including poet laureate Random Wilder, Julie Patheticstein and Blue Bunny. Ultimately, it's based on the story of Leopold and Loeb.

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