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Secret Harmonies: Soul, Rock, and Rockabilly.

On this edition of Secret Harmonies, Ken Tucker looks at "City Slicker" by soul musician J. Blackfoot, "Doppelganger" by rock group Kid Creole and the Coconuts, fronted by August Darnell, and "Forget About the Danger Think of the Fun" by rockabilly group The Leroi Brothers. (PARTIAL REVIEW)


A Voice That's Rough and Deep and Knowing

Ted Hawkins busked in Venice Beach for years before recording his first album; he was in his 40s. Now 51, he has a new album called Happy Hour, which blends blues, soul and pop. While the singer is popular in England, rock critic Ken Tucker says Hawkins deserves more recognition in his home country.


Three Singers in it for the Art, Not the Money

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews new albums by Etta James, Willie Dixon and Toots. Tucker says it's refreshing that each of these artists continues to record and perform, even after their popularity has peaked.


A Review of Three New Soundtrack Albums

Rock critic Ken Tucker says that sales of movie soundtracks have become inextricably tied to the films they come from. He takes a look at three recent CDs featuring songs from Twins, Beaches, and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka.


Time Again for the Tucker Top Five

Ken Tucker returns with his latest countdown of noteworthy songs. His list features Roachford, Peter Case, Tim Finn, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Elvis Costello.


Two White Artists Drawing on Black Sounds and Styles.

Rock critic Ken Tucker checks out singers Michael Bolton and Lisa Stansfield. Ken says Bolton's nothing to sing about, despite his recent Grammy for best pop male vocal. However, Ken says Stansfield's done a good job in mixing 70's disco-soul with 90's dance music.


Soul Music from the 1970s

Rock historian Ed Ward looks back at some of the best soul music of the 70s. Rhino Records has just released a series of CDs collecting the best hits of that decade.

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