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Soul music

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A Career of Near-Masterpieces

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles the rise and fall of soul singer Etta James, whose heroin habit curtailed her career after a string of fantastic albums.


Looking Beyond Motown

Rock historian Ed Ward remembers the black Detroit musicians who made their mark with the city's smaller record labels.


A Guitar Player Find His Soul

Booker T. and the M.G.'s guitarist Steve Cropper cowrote and played on countless soul music hits during the 1960s. While he focuses more on producing nowadays, his musical legacy endures. Rock historian Ed Ward tells his story.


From Nat Cole Imitator to Soul Original

Rock historian Ed Ward tells the story of how Ray Robinson--an obscure emerging R & B singer--broke away from his image as a Nat King Cole imitator, changed his name, his record label, and established his identity as Ray Charles.


The Soundtrack of Summer "Scrunch"

Rock historian Ed Ward says "scrunch" is that romantic longing you feel as summer races toward its end. He talks about the songs that typified this phenomenon for him over the decades.

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