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Benita Valente: An Exquisitely Pure, Operatic Voice

Soprano Benita valente has retired from singing, though at 75, she's still remarkably active behind the scenes as an educator, organizer and fundraiser. She may not be the world's most famous singer, but a selection of her recordings leads off a new series on Bridge Records called Great Singers of the 20th Century. Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz agrees with the title.


Early African-American Opera Singer, Roland Hayes.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new CD collection of songs by the late Roland Hayes. Hayes was the first major black concert singer, and paved the way for performers such as Marion Anderson. (It's issued by the Smithsonian).


Songs by a New Hungarian Composer

Critic Lloyd Schwartz says recordings of Gyorgy Kurtag's music are few, but he was able to track down a recent LP of some of the composer's song cycles -- several of which are full of humor.


Finding the Fame She Deserves

Soprano Benita Valente isn't as visible as some of her peers, in part because she hasn't recorded as much as other opera stars. Lloyd Schwartz hopes a new album of lieder will raise Valente's profile.


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