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Jazz Saxophonist Phil Woods

The accomplished musician shares his approach to improvisation and teaching. He considers the changing approach and education of younger musicians is affecting the future of jazz.


Jazz Saxophonist Al Cohn

The tenor player has been working in jazz for nearly 40 years. He also works as an arranger for television. He talks about his development as a musician and his work performing in clubs.


Tenor Saxophonist Chico Freeman

Freeman's time studying with Chicago's Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) was crucial to his musical development. A student of both the avant-garde and traditional bop traditions, his compositions draw inspiration from different facets of the African American experience.


Jazz Saxophonist and Composer Frank Foster

The accomplished musician made his mark as a member of Count Basie's band. Foster later earned his Ph.D. in music and worked as an educator. He now leads his own big band, an endeavor he admits is difficult to sustain financially.


Jazz Saxophonist Archie Shepp

The musician talks to Terry Gross about the social and economic conditions that affect the place of African American musical traditions in American culture.


Alto Saxophonist Lee Konitz

The jazz musician studied with pianist Lennie Tristano before seeking out work in big bands. Konitz joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross to talk about the personal and financial hardships that accompanied the dogged pursuit of his career.


Embracing the Life of an Artist

Larry Rivers began his career as a jazz saxophonist before becoming a painter at twenty-three. He says he was drawn to the solitary nature of making art and how art could draw from a broader range of experiences than jazz.


Tenor Saxophonist Benny Golson

The jazz musician and arranger grew up in Philadelphia and developed his chops early on during jam sessions with John Coltrane and Percy Keith, among others who would grow up to become jazz legends. After getting his big break in Art Blakey's band, Golson spent years writing and arranging music for several television shows.

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