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Saxophone music (Jazz)

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Jazz Saxophonist Jackie Mclean

The legendary alto sax player began playing saxophone at the age of 15 in native New York City. Schooled in bebop at the start of his career, McLean names Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Charlie Parker as influences. He's played with jazz greats pianist Bud Powell, Miles Davis and Charles Mingus. He continues to play and record today. He also teaches music at the University of Hartford.


Maceo Parker: The Hardest Working Sideman

Saxophonist Maceo Parker began playing with James Brown in 1964. Parker has released several albums of his own as well as collaborations with others. His latest album is Schools In!, from 2005. This interview originally aired on Oct. 2, 1990.


Musician Maceo Parker

Parker is best known as the saxophonist who played with James Brown. His on-again, off-again association with Brown began in 1964. But he also has several albums of his own, and some collaborations with others. This interview first aired October 2, 1990.


Laurie Pepper, Wife of Late Saxophonist Art Pepper

Laurie Pepper is the wife of the late alto saxophonist Art Pepper, who died in 1982 and was considered to be the greatest alto saxophonist of the post-Charlie Parker generation. Laurie Pepper has just produced a box-set compilation of Art Pepper's music, called Art Pepper: The Hollywood All-Star Sessions. Terry talked with Pepper on the occasion of the updated version of her husband's autobiography, Straight Life which he wrote with the help of Laurie.

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