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Nicholas Daniloff Discusses His Time as a Prisoner in Russia.

Nicholas Daniloff. He was a reporter in the Soviet Union for U.S. News and World Report when he was arrested and accused by Soviet authorities of being a spy. He was eventually released after President Reagan agreed to swap a Soviet KGB agent arrested on charges of spying in New York.


Martin Cruz Smith Discusses Writing about the Soviet Union.

Writer Martin Cruz Smith. His latest novel, Polar Star, is his sequel to his 1981 best-seller Gorky Park. In Polar Star, Cruz Smith revives Arkady Renko, the intrepid police investigator hero of Gorky Park. Smith is also the author of Stallion Gate, a novel about the making of the atomic bomb. (Interview with Sedge Thomson)


Journalist Hedrick Smith Discusses the U. S. S. R. after Gorbachev.

Journalist Hedrick Smith. Smith has spent years covering the Soviet Union, as a reporter for the New York Times, as an author, and as a TV documentary producer and correspondent. He's just returned from the former Soviet Union, and his latest report, "After Gorbachev's U.S.S.R." airs this week on the public television documentary series, "Frontline." (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Clearing up Rumors about the KGB.

Commentator David Gurevitz checks out some rumors about the KGB in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet empire. He's the author of "From Lenin to Lennon."


Adam Ulam Discusses the History of the U. S. S. R.

Author Adam Ulam (OO-lom) ("om" as in bomb) Director of the Russian Research Center and Gurney Professor of History and Political Science at Harvard. His new book is "The Communists: The Story of Power and Lost Illusions 1948-1991." (published byScribner's). He's also the author of "The Bolsheviks.


William Taubman Discusses Moscow Today.

William Taubman is a political science professor at Amherst College. He was recently in Moscow as one of the scholars invited to help open up the archives of the government under Communism. He was able to get a sense of the day to day workings of the Soviet empire.


The Ideal Band for Russia Right Now.

World music commentator Milo Miles reviews the new album by the Terem ("Ter-yem") Quartet from St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad). It's a group that couldn't have existed in the past. (Realworld Records)


William Taubman Discusses the Political and Social Climate of Russia.

William Taubman is a political science professor at Amherst College. He is a frequent visitor to Russia and is currently working on a biography of Nikita Krushchev. Taubman talks to Terry about the status of the reform movement in Russia, the legacy of Communism and the mood of the Russian people.


Stephen Handelman Discusses the Russian Mob.

Foreign Correspondent Stephen Handelman He spent nearly six years in the former Soviet Union as chief of the Moscow Bureau of the Toronto Star, where he covered the final years of the Soviet regime. His new book Comrade Criminal: Russia's New Mafiya (Yale) examines and uncovers the intricate networking of the post-Soviet criminal underworld. Handelman is also the author of Uncommon Kingdom. He is currently an associate fellow at Columbia University's Harriman Institute.


Mystery Writer R.D. Zimmerman Discusses His Experiences in Russia.

Mystery Writer R.D. Zimmerman (real name Robert Alexander). He is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, and has written mystery jigsaw puzzles as well as short mysteries that appeared on the backs of 15 million boxes of Total Cereal. His new book Red Trance (Morrow), is a Russian mystery of hypnotic detection. Zimmerman also talks about his business dealings in Russia, and the corruption he faced as a result.

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