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What to Eat When You're On the Road.

Jane and Michael Steern are the authors of "Roadfood," a guidebook which reviews inexpensive restaurants within ten miles of highways. They join the show to discuss car travel and road trips.


Regional Food with Jane and Michael Stern.

Husband and wife Jane Stern and Michael Stern spend much of their time on the road in search of good food and Americana. They have written several books about their travels including "Road Food" and "Horror Holiday." Their latest work "Goodfood" is about regional cuisine around the United States. Jane and Michael Stern will discuss Philadelphia and Middle-Atlantic cuisine and respond to listener calls.


A Critic Never Eats "Out on a Saturday Night"

Philadelphia restaurant critic Jim Quinn's new book advises readers how to choose the best places to eat based on atmosphere, price, service, and menu options. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


Calvin Trillin on Eating Out.

Humorist and reporter Calvin Trillin is known for his food columns for The New Yorker, which have been collected in three books. Trillin also writes a humor column, "Uncivil Liberties," for The Nation. His second collection of these columns, "With All Disrespect," has recently been published.


Food Writer Mimi Sheraton.

Food writer Mimi Sheraton. She is the food critic for Time Magazine. She has written for the New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine, and she's written several books on food and dining out and now publishes a newsletter.


On the Brink of Change, "Tattinger's" Starts to Get Good

TV critic David Bianculli says the drama, set it in a restaurant, took a while to find its footing, but is now on solid ground. But poor ratings have led NBC to retool the show as a half-hour program -- a decision Bianculli hopes won't diminish Tattinger's quality.


Food Critic Jeff Weinstein

We talk with the Village Voice's food writer. He was diagnosed as a diabetic as a child, an experience that he credits with making him more aware of the role of food in life and family. His new books is called "Learning to Eat.


The History of the American Restaurant.

Restaurant critic John Mariani. He's written a book about the history of going out for a meal. "America Eats Out" (Morrow) portrays the origin and significance of every type of restaurant known to the American public, from the tavern to the automat to the golden arches.

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