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Jay-Z: The Fresh Air Interview

Jay-Z is one of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time. On Fresh Air, he discusses growing up in Brooklyn surrounded by drugs and violence, and the stories behind many of his famous songs.

Rapper Jay-Z holding a mic and performing on stage in a white suit

In 'Still Here,' A Fully Committed Joaquin Phoenix

A couple of years back, the two-time Oscar nominee announced he was giving up acting to become a rapper. David Edelstein reviews Casey Affleck's film I'm Still Here, which tracks Phoenix's transformation -- and says there may be a real madness in Phoenix's method performance.


Emmanuel Jal: From Child Soldier to Rising Star

At 8 years old, Emmanuel Jal was carrying an AK-47 rifle as a child soldier in the Sudan People's Liberation Army. Taken from battle and adopted by a British aid worker, he is now a rising international music star. He discusses his experiences and music. Jal's new album is titled Warchild.


Hip-Hop Renaissance Man: Ice Cube

Known today equally as a musician and actor, Ice Cube was born O'Shea Jackson. He first gained notoriety in the late 1980s with the revolutionary group N.W.A. He now also acts in and produces movies, including this year's comedy Are We There Yet? (This interview originally aired Jan. 10, 2005.)


Actor and Musician Ice Cube: 'Are We There Yet?'

The new film Are We There Yet? stars Ice Cube as a man so eager to get close to a woman that he offers to travel many miles to reunite her children with their mother. The film was made by his production company, Cube Vision, which also developed Friday, as well as Barbershop.

Actor and rapper Ice Cube

Actress and rapper Queen Latifah

She's currently starring in the film adaptation of "Chicago" as Mama, a no-nonsense prison warden. She also has a new CD, "She's a Queen: A Collection of Hits" (Motown). At the age of 19, Latifah was the first female solo rapper to have a major record deal. She also had breakthrough roles in TV's "Living Single" and in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever" and had a leading role in the film "Living Out Loud." Latifah is the author of the memoir "Ladies First: Revelations of a Strong Woman." (REBROADCAST from 3/15/99)


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