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A South African Writer on His Return

Ezekiel Mphalele left his home country to escape persecution by the apartheid government. He lived in exile in Nigeria, Paris, and the United States, where he taught university classes. He talks about his work as a writer and the pernicious forms of racism he experienced in America.


Novelist David Bradley on the History of American Racism

The Temple professor and Pen/Faulkner Award-winning author explains the historical context of his new novel, The Chaneysville Incident. He discusses his different experiences with racism in the North and South, as well as his involvement in the organizing of Philadelphia-area writers.


James Baldwin Analyzes Racism.

Legendary writer James Baldwin is the author of modern classics such as "Notes of a Native Son," "Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone," and "Go Tell It On the Mountain." Here, Baldwin delivers a lecture and has a "rap" session with students at an event at Lehigh University.


A Playwright from the Black Middle Class

Obie Award-winning playwright Adrienne Kennedy has a new, unconventional memoir called People Who Led to My Plays. She explores the experience of growing up as an African American in suburban Ohio, her drive to excel artistically and academically, and the people who influenced her throughout her life.


The Unique Challenges of "Raising Black Children"

Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Alvin Poussaint. He was a consultant to "The Cosby Show." He co-authored the book, "Raising Black Children," about the parenting of African American kids in a way that affirms their identity and addresses reality of racism.


An "American Revolutionary" on Living through Decades of Anti-Black Racism

Nelson Peery has just published his memoir, "Black Fire: The Making of an American Revolutionary," about coming of age against a background of racism, the Depression, and World War II. The book chronicles Peery's travels west during the Depression, and his experiences as a soldier fighting in World War II. He writes about his simultaneous love for America and hatred for the people who discriminated against African Americans, especially in the Army.

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